Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What are μBTC (bits)?
Micro-Bitcoin or simply "bit" represents one over one millionth of a Bitcoin.
1,000,000 μBTC = 1 BTC
Why are you using μBTC?
With the price of a single Bitcoin being well over $100, the price of other coins has to be represented in a decimal format containing leading zeros making numbers hard to read. Using μBTC is a direct attempt at making all prices easier to read and compare.
How do I convert from μBTC to $ and vice-versa?
[price in μBTC] = 1,000,000 / [price in $]
[price in $] = 1,000,000 / [price in μBTC]
Is Coinsquare a regulated business?
Coinsquare is not regulated per se (we are not a bank) but it complies with the existing legislation. It is a registered money service business (MSB) that apply know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money-laundering (AML) policies for fiat money transfers.
Where is Coinsquare located?
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
How can I use Interac® e-transfer?
You initiate an Interac® e-transfer within your online banking. To successfully track and complete your e-transfer, you have to copy the parameters found in the Interac e-transfer CAD funding section in your Coinsquare account and paste them in the corresponding boxes within your bank account. Available to customers with a banking account with the following financial institutions.
What is Bitcoin?
This is not the FAQ you are looking for, move along ;-)
What is price grid?
Price grid is the term we use to refer to the set of all valid prices at which a coin order may be entered on Coinsquare. If the price is larger than 1000 μBTC then the price must be an integer. In particular the following prices are all acceptable ...

0.01, ..., 999.99, 1000, 1001, 1002, ..., 999999 μBTC

If a price entered in Coinsquare isn't on the price grid, it will be rounded off to the closest most favorable price depending on your order type.
Why does the price of my order appear differently than the price I enter?
Coinsquare markets are priced in bits (μBTC). That means that if you enter a price that isn't on the price grid it will be rounded off the the closest most favorable valid price. This also applies if you enter an order with a price that is not denominated in bits. E.G. CAD.
Who are you?
Coinsquare is managed by Virgile Rostand, Ph.D. (Mathematics). Prior to Coinsquare, Virgile held positions as financial engineer and consultant working on high end financial applications used in banks and hedge funds. His combined experience in software development and financial risk management makes him particularly well suited to restore trust in the badly battered world of online crypto exchanges.
I don't like bits, can I trade in XXX instead?
For selected key markets, Coinsquare allows you to enter an order priced in another base than bits. At the moment we have the BTC-CAD market that is serving as a proxy for the CAD-BTC bit market. Be aware however that the price might be adjusted slightly to match the price grid.
I can't withdraw! The system says account value too low!
If you funded your account using Interac or another method your funds and coins are subject to a witholding period in order to help prevent fraud and unauthorised transfers. Coinsquare is equipped with a cutting hedge collateral management system that let you trade as soon as we receive your funds but it requires you to wait a reasonable period of time in order for these funds to clear in the banking system.

All coins and currencies traded on Coinsquare are acceptable collateral.
Do you have API documentation yet?
Our full API documentation in still under development. You can however use the following GET methods to obtain the latest quotes and order books. The prices and quantities are in Satoshis.

GET: method="quotes" example
GET: method="book",ticker=[ticker code],base=[base ticker code] example